So at long last my model kits...they...they have arrived!

So this morning I'm browsing websites and I get an urge...

So I've been pretty busy with my job and also the recent outbreak of Nintendo's "Project Cafe" rumors spreading around, so I finally managed to get so R&R time and what did I spend it doing?


Well here it is, my review on this Glorious yet finger hurting Model Kit.

I was fortunate enough today to have this special Package delivered to me by FedEx before going to work this morning.
So what was in this Package?

So the time had finally arrived for me to get my did it all go?

So I'm counting it down, Sunday is almost here and my Money is ready. We got in our units the other day at my workplace. I'm hoping my pre-order allows me to get my system that day along with Super Street Fighter IV and Samurai Warriors: Chronicles.
If I'm successful, then this will be the first time I get a system day 1, I missed out on the Wii because I was too far in line on launch day, and for the original DS, I just lacked the money until literally a day after launch.
Hopefully I'm lucky.
Well since I'm still in my first day of blogging, might as well explain the Name and who the hell that guy is up there.

So it looks like the fine people over at Hobbywave have finally gotten Kamen Rider Accel plamo in stock, so first thing I did when I got home was order it.
My hope is that this kit is substantially different from the other Double Kits. Having CycloneJoker, HeatMetal, FangJoker, and Skull, though fantastic kits, by the end of it, I could build some of them by instict. Accel is a bit more costly than all of those kits. Comes with more runners and looks like a nice build. Really after him all I would need to buy is LunaTrigger...but I'll hold off until I wipe the Double Variations out of my mind.
Looks like I have a blog now, surprisingly.
I finally caved in after a while of boredom though I doubt this will get any hits what-so-ever though. But let's see how this goes. I'll mainly use this Blog to discuss my insight into Video Games, the World of Tokusatsu/Anime, my personal interest in Model Kits and the like such as that.
Well...wish me luck.