Looks like I have a blog now, surprisingly.
I finally caved in after a while of boredom though I doubt this will get any hits what-so-ever though. But let's see how this goes. I'll mainly use this Blog to discuss my insight into Video Games, the World of Tokusatsu/Anime, my personal interest in Model Kits and the like such as that.
Well...wish me luck.

01/26/2012 5:45am

will come back shortly

01/27/2012 9:08am

is before long

03/25/2012 7:55pm

Great info, thanks

03/31/2012 3:58am

THX for info

06/14/2012 5:28am

I have been lately in your blog once or twice now. I just wanted to say hi and show my thanks for the information provided.

07/13/2012 4:40am

Nice one info, thanks


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