So I've been pretty busy with my job and also the recent outbreak of Nintendo's "Project Cafe" rumors spreading around, so I finally managed to get so R&R time and what did I spend it doing?

So I believe in my last post (Review of Accel) I mentioned my dislike of how his Gadget Memory was fully black and needed a full body sticker to detail. Well today it really irked me so I decided to color it up, also my other Gadget Memories while I was at it. This is the Result:
Had to do a double coat for it, starting with silver and then waiting until that dried to put in the blue, since blue on black does not show up well.

Meanwhile we've got some of the Spare Parts that came with Skull and FangJoker kits, enough to make one almost complete head (minus the neck joint) and one 75% complete head (the back divider and neck joint are on use in the real kit).
Needless to say I had some fun with these heads, Especially Omega Double (Gold Eye'd).
Makes me almost ALMOST want to rebuy these kits just so I can have a real version of these guys. I'll wait until I get TATOBA OOO's Figure Rise to buy anymore Double Kits, I'm still burnt out on building so many identical kits at the same time.

06/26/2012 6:45am

My partner and I enjoyed reading this write-up; I just wanted to know do you trade featured articles or blog posts? I am always trying to find somebody to make trades with and simply thought I'd ask.


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