Well here it is, my review on this Glorious yet finger hurting Model Kit.
First thing I noticed is that this kit is pretty much all its own, having build consecutive Double Kit's back to back (When I got Skull and FangJoker) it really just became a bit of a chore to build. Both kits along with the CycloneJoker and HeatMetal kits I already own follow the same runner set up with a few extras here and there. This guy however, was no Double, no Double.
First thing I built, as with all the other Rider Kits, was the base to hold the kit in place and allows for dynamic posing.
I usually have another Kit watching as a new one gets built, but for this one, I kept Fang Memory watching on.

Here's a few Glamor shots showing the Kit's in's and outs.
Like the Double Driver on the other Kit's, the detailing on this is pretty spot on, even without some detailing.
There is one part of the kit that really gets all of my hate though...

See, to make the fingers you have essentially 2 parts, both of which are small, and left my fingers feeling bare after like 10 minutes of trying to get them all to snap into place. The biggest annoyance of these FigureRise kits. At least the CycloneJoker scenario didn't happen, in which when I tried snapping the fingers in place, one part flew accord the room and it took an hour to find.
Overall, not a disappointment. The Bike Transformation is...well...yeah...pretty Armored(instead of Bare) Back, and outside of these pictures, I don't think I'll ever transform him again. Here's hoping they come out with FigureRise HardBoilder and SkullBoilder so I can get some REAL Bike action.

Outside of the Bike transformation parts, there's really no extras to the runners, unlike FangJoker and Skull, and that's a positive, because those extra shells make me feel like there was not only a waste of plastic, but a shame there wasn't enough to build Kamen Rider Joker, or FangJoker Normal (without spikes).

The Gadget Memory he comes with is the Beetle phone, which was a huge disappointment, only because it's completely black, and to get it the right blue, you need either a lot of detailing work or use a full cover sticker set that would just look horrible.
It's a great build overall though, and my second favorite out of the Rider Kit's I own, FangJoker is my top just because of the Bad Assery, but Accel comes close.

04/02/2011 9:15pm

Dude, how in the hell do you have such a problem with those hands, I love the way they do them now, much better than the MG Goku, and all.


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