Well since I'm still in my first day of blogging, might as well explain the Name and who the hell that guy is up there.
He is Kamen Rider Revenant, and this Blog is named after him. My own Kamen Rider I came up with Late in '09. I used to write a Fan-Fiction regarding his exploits and adventures, but gave it up, guess I lost the will to continue writing something that wasn't being read, but I enjoyed the story. Maybe one day I'll reboot the Fanfic.
Revenance isn't a word apparently, I'd have to double check. Revenant is someone who Returns from the Dead, of course the name is Symbolic to Revenant as I guess I'll explain down the line. Naming this Blog Revenace implies the action of returning, I used to blog in my younger days but gave it up so this is my own reboot to blogging.
The Phrase for this Blog is the same as Revenant's "Moeru sono Tamashii no Honno" is a deviation of Agito's Phrase, but it loosely means "Awaken your Blazing Soul".
Let's see if that'll hold true.

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